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Wednesday 3 March 2010

The book end is nigh

I'm a hands-up, self-confessed book worm. But - much as I love them - books have a tendency to mount up, to fall over, to be all sorts of different sizes and look, well, a bit messy. Some of those clever designer types have twigged this too and have turned their attentions to the humble book end. There are fun designs available for all literary and aesthetic tastes.

Interested in some tales of the city? Check out Susan Bradley's London book ends. They are silhouettes of some of the capital's most famous landmarks recreated in brightly coloured powder-coated steel. As well as the instantly recognisable towers of Battersea Power station, you can get them in the shape of the Trellick Tower or the Gherkin too. They cost £18.39 from the Hidden Art Shop.

Did you learn to paint and draw with Tony Hart? Keep your art and craft books under control with these nostalgic Morph book ends from Urban Outfitters. Guaranteed to raise a smile every time you see them, they cost £24.

Know how to cook but can't keep your cookery books tidy? Then you need to buy the By the book cook book ends (if you manage to say that tongue twister) for £25 from Design My World. The two silhouettes of master chefs at work are sure to inspire.

Vinyl junkies are sure to adore these book ends. They're made from real records that have been recycled into book end. You get a choice of a 7 inch or a 12 inch, costing £16.95 or £23.95 respectively from Pedlars. Like the rest of these designs, they are perfect for jazzing up an overflowing book shelf.


  1. Oh I so wish I had enough space in my kitchen for the book cooks ones! But, um, it would be the book ends OR the books...

  2. LOVE the title of this post. Made me giggle :-)

  3. The Battersea Power Station ones are AWESOME, but I am incredibly cynical about the vinyl bookends - about £20 each?! Vinyls are a couple of quid from charity shops. Blow torch & bend!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. AstridKitti, I do agree that you could probably make those vinyl ones yourself - and then also get to choose what records you use. However, once you get past the untidy mountains of books in my flat, the next thing you see are too many unfinished craft projects! So, I'm ashamed to say, I'll probably end up buying them...


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