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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Blogs we love: Bitchin' Camero

I confess, I only found out about Bitchin' Camero yesterday. But I've trawled through so much of it that I've given myself giant food envy. New blog discoveries are not good for a growing to do list. But I could not care one little bit. I want to discover every single dish on this blog, and more important than that, I want to make them all.

The thing I like about food blogs is that you can read them anywhere in the world. But converting the recipes can be a bit of a nightmare. I don't care. I want roasted root vegetables with feta and pumpkin seeds, I want corn chowder with bacon and basil and I really really want white bean soup with mini lamb meatballs. I want to make every single thing Melissa Camero writes about. And that's why it's my new favourite food blog.

I'm not convinced by the sweet stuff just yet, but the savoury dishes look amazing. Vegetarians are plenty catered for too. And y'know what? Her photography is just so damn sexy I want to lick my laptop screen a little. I won't, though. That's weird and a little bit gross.

I love this blog, go and have a read.

Thanks to Nick Smith for telling me about it. All photos from Bitchin' Camero.


  1. I feel the same way about your blog as you do about Bitchin camero! I'm of to check it out right now, thanks for the tip :)


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