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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Sluttery Eats: Gwdihw, Cardiff

I’m not even embarrassed to admit that one of the reasons I love Gwdihw so much is it’s name. Because, Gwdihw = goodyhoo. How is that not the best thing to say ever? It also means “owl” in Welsh. That’s double points right there, in my opinion. You know how the Domestic Sluts feel about owls.

It’s also great because it mixes that über-trendy-hipster-vibe-that-everyone-says-they-hate-but-actually-want-to-be-part-of, with actually being nice and friendly. I feel cool just being there, but not as though I can’t be myself. As they say on their website “There is so much love between these walls it’s stifling”. I felt the love guys. I felt it.

The food comes up trumps too, which is a definite plus. My taste buds kick into gear at the mere thought of the Español panini, £4.75, which is what happens to goat’s cheese, sun dried tomatoes and chorizo when they were good in a former life. Bliss. They also serve a rather impressive array of cocktails, as well as beers and other drinkies. (You stopped reading at cocktails, admit it).

Gwdihw (or as I prefer to refer to them, Gwds-ville) also play host to a wonderful-sounding Ukelele Night on the first Monday of each month. I’m nothing, nothing I tell you, if not an avid fan of a good uke. I just want to be there, thigh-slapping away, shouting “Play that uke, boy!” For some reason that sounds quite fun.

You can find the joy that is Gwdihw at 6 Guildford Crescent, off Churchill Way, in Cardiff, CF10 2HJ.

1 comment:

  1. Wales seems like the craziest slash best place ON EARTH.
    You should totes get sponsorship from the government or something. You're making it seem awesome!!!

    Who doesn't love a ukelele night? No one. That's who.
    Have you seen the Ukelele episode of Skins (series 4)??? HILARIOUS! It's JJ's ep for all youse playing at home.

    Ah Wales. Apart from Cardiff being so GD ugly, it's great.


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