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Monday 11 October 2010

Home Office: Floppy Disk Post-it Notes

Once upon a time, when music was on tapes and I was at a little whippersnapper, USB sticks didn't exist. CDs didn't exist. Computers were slow and clunky and fabulous. Hours were wasted on Monkey Island, and I remember my parents once stayed up all night playing Arkanoid. How cool they were.

Instead of USB sticks, we had floppy disks. And they were rubbish. They'd break at the worst moment, and once they had, that really important essay you needed to hand in was stuck on the disk with no way of downloading it. And this wasn't even that long ago. About eight years, maybe. I was still using floppy disks at university. And here's a thing: We didn't even have the internet in my flat. Crazy, huh?

So I have a huge amount of love for these floppy disk post-its from Suck UK. There's a huge amount of nostalgic irony about them, and I'd like to leave smiley technology-based messages for people on them. They're £7.50 for three pads.


  1. Erm, caaaaan I just disagree with "they were rubbish" - if it wasn't for floppy disks I wouldn't have been able to play COMMANDER KEEN, the greatest computer game of all time!!!
    Loving the post-its though!

  2. Nope. Not unless you also lost 5% on an English essay at Uni because the disk it was on went all crunchy.

  3. I didn't even have a computer when I went to uni (or a mobile!); just a portable word processor which took floppy discs, each of which held 4 or 5 essays if you were lucky... Ah, the '90s.

  4. Amaze!! I'm getting these and leaving them around the house. Just for kicks.

    PS Aspire Style - COMMANDER KEEN OH EM GEE. Best bloody game in the history of ever. I could never find all the parts though!! I remember faintly a hoover, and a pogostick... and a joystick?? And Mars?

    And then of course Paperboy. Anyone have that?

  5. No to Paperboy. I never progressed from Commander Keen - because WHY WOULD I?!!?!


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