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Tuesday 26 October 2010

Cool Coats: Topshop's Check Sheepskin Collar Swing Coat

Confession time: I already own this. I'm a dithering, fussy shopper and my usual way of acquiring clothes is to go out, like something, go back the next day and try it on, go home, obsess about it for two weeks and then buy it. I think that's why I buy so many second-hand clothes, because it removes the torment of the high street: I've got to buy it now or lose it forever.

This check sheepskin swing coat from Topshop isn't second-hand but I felt the same way about it that I would about a green chiffon Fifties prom dress that fits perfectly: I had to have it, right away.

It's a toasty tartan coat with a quilted lining, old fashioned buttons, brown suede elbow patches and a sheepskin collar. I just went on holiday, to a still sunny but freezing New York, and wore it over both skinny jeans and dresses with wool tights. It looked good and, more importantly, I felt great. This is one cool coat.

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