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Monday 18 October 2010

Sluttery Travels: Caban Casita, Wales

Of all the glam countries I want to visit, I didn't think Wales would shoot right to the top of the list. But now I've seen this little cabin, it has. Sometimes I want to cosy up in the countryside and do nothing for the weekend (no camping though, it gets too cold, I get grumpy). And Cabin Casita in south Wales looks like the perfect place to do that.

This perfectly retro little cabin is in the middle of a woodland, on an eco-friendly holiday camp. You're in the middle of nowhere, but you've got everything you could need for cosying up for the weekend. There's a little kitchen, an LCD TV (with lots of DVDs) and even wifi, if you need it. OK, so there's also loads of outdoor stuff, but it might rain and I might have read all of my books on the train.

Doesn't it look perfect? It's bigger than it looks, so you've got a double bed, a living room and a little tiny kitchen too. You're only a half hour drive from Cardigan Bay too. Bliss.

Usually little retro places like this cost a small fortune. Especially when they're decked out in good furniture. A stay in Cabin Casita starts at just £149 for three nights. Even in peak season the most expensive weekends are £292. I'm going at the very first opportunity. This is so much better than camping.


  1. Ungh. I could happily spend a weekend here!

  2. Looks like bliss. I could quite happily run away and hide there at the moment. Not sure my poorly Husband and Daughter would be too understanding though :D

  3. The Domestic Sluttery cabin park for overworked mothers, underpaid bloggers and generally tired ladies in need or retro furniture and TLC.

    Sounds like a Dragon's Den idea if ever there was one...

  4. Like a fancy spa retreat, but with gin and pick 'n' mix on arrival?

  5. Yep. Less whale-song CDs, more booze, carbs and box-sets.

  6. Hi, thanks for saying such lovely things about Caban Casita!

    We stayed there a couple of years ago, and loved it so much that when it came on the market recently we bought it :-)

    It's a lovely place to stay - cosy in the winter and bright and airy in the summer, and we're building up its collection of vintage furniture and retro knick-knacks!

    If you do go and stay there, it would be lovely to hear what you thought of it :-)

  7. My husband & I stayed in Caban Casita this weekend and were very disappointed, it was so damp we both left with sore chests from breathing it in all weekend.

    The cabin is situated on a holiday park with over 70 other cabins that may not have a faux 70s interior, but were otherwise identical and are available significantly cheaper from the holiday park direct. The "peaceful" location had music blaring from the swimming pool area for most of Saturday afternoon.

    Sorry to be so negative on here but I wanted to prevent others from such a disappointing weekend.

  8. We too were very disappointed - needs a good dose of TLC and a good clean!


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