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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Etsy Pick: Zombiedolls Made-To-Measure Dresses

Last week, we brought you bespoke shoes. How about an affordable made-to-measure dress to go with them? Zombiedolls makes glorious frocks in retro fabrics, all custom made to your exact measurements. Which means if you're a bit of an odd shape, like me, you can finally own a dress that you don't need to attack with safety pins every time you want to wear it.

This pencil dress in an old-school tattoo print fabric is $100 (around £64). Yes, it's a little pricier than buying one off the rack, but with so many high street shops cranking their prices up (naming no names *cough* Oasis *cough*), it isn't such an extravagance. I bought this dress two years ago and it's still in excellent condition despite being my go-to dress for any special occasion. It's lined at the bust and boned so it keeps its shape. Warning: you won't be doing much running around or bending over in this number. It's meant for perching on bar stools, clutching a cocktail.

If you want something with a full skirt, check out this tan dress with a nautical gothic print. It's $115 (about £74). Look at the attention to detail with that black trim and matching ribbon. This is made with love, and made to last. It's a dress meant for dancing and twirling.

Postage for both is $6.50, or about £4. Have a look at her other dresses here, and order one now to have a gorgeous customised frock in time for those Christmas parties.

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