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Saturday 9 October 2010

Cheeky Chocolate: Venchi Chocolate Cigar

I probably shouldn’t admit this, but if smoking didn’t kill you, I’d totally do it. I love the thought of being alarmingly bohemian and striding about the room, puffing away and leaving red lipstick all over a cigar. But alas, as Hamlet said, ’tis not to be (or something like that).

Fortunately, a little company by the name of Venchi have designed this chocolate cigar which promises to keep my dreams of la vie bohème alive. For £4.95, I can have my cigar and eat it too.

All I need now is a man-style tuxedo that actually looks good, a German accent and a lover in each port. Easy, no?

You can pick up yours (the cigar, obviously, not a lover) from The Chocolate Trading Co.


  1. There is a fantastic shop in Edinburgh (right in the city centre) that the boy and I always go to when we're up there, called Robert Grahams. They specialise in really up-market chocolate, Cuban cigars and scotch whiskies. The boyfriend goes for the whisky and cigars, I go for the chocolate (of course). They have these chocolate cigars, and I was sorely tempted to get them (but I didn't, woe, maybe next time...)

    Instead, I got gorgeous leaf shaped chocolates in an adorable tin decorated with Mucha artwork. The choccies are long gone. The tin remains.

    Maybe next time I'll pick up a chocolate cigar?

    Oh, the shop has a website:

  2. Ooer sounds fantastic! I will definitely check it out :)

    You should substitute your BF’s real cigars for the chocolate ones. I don’t even think he’d be disappointed when he found out!

  3. That is totally hot. Cigar! Chocolate! Lovers covered in chocolate, smoking cigars!


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