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Thursday 28 October 2010

Conran Bentwood Chairs

My kitchen chairs are pretty awful (the landlady chose them, not me). One of them broke once, and I fell flat on my ass and threw red wine all over me. Apparently that's hilarious for everyone else! Stop laughing at me.

We definitely need new kitchen chairs in Sluttery HQ. There's a cute little cafe down the road that has some glossy blue vintage chairs, and whilst I can't find any in that colour, I've become rather taken with these green and red Bentwood chairs from The Conran Shop. They're based on chairs from the 19th century, and the glossy paint looks amazing. I want to stroke these chairs. They're pricey at £99, but at least I'll be able to have breakfast in my kitchen without thinking I'm going to end up eating it sat on the floor.


  1. Best bet would be to go to a car boot sale, pick some up cheap and then re-paint them youself. Fun and frugal!

  2. Aaaah true, but you'd be lucky to find some based on a 19th century shape!

  3. these chairs are surprisingly common, even in this shape, you could totally pick some up at a car boot and spray paint those babies up!


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