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Tuesday 19 October 2010

Sluttishly Snug: Ted Baker Pyjamas

I've needed a new set of pyjamas for ages. But they usually fall into two camps: Very cutesy but comfy or overly sexy and not comfy or warm in the slightest. It's not easy to find a set that does both. But the Ted Baker range at Debenhams does.

Isn't the print pretty? Judging by the appreciative glances the courier gave me when I answered the door the vest top is flattering as well.

I actually went for the grey pyjamas with the patterned trim. So much snugglier and perfect for cosying up all winter. They're making getting dressed in the mornings far too difficult, but they're also making rainy nights much more fun.

The bottoms are £22.50, the tops between £18 and £20. I've got my eye on the shorts just in case it gets a little warmer, but there's also a lingerie range in the same beautiful print as well. Don't expect me to get dressed any time soon.

*I didn't pay for my pyjamas. Those nice folk at Debenhams gave me a shopping voucher for testing their iPhone app and this is what I bought. I'd have written about them anyway because they're so goshdarncomfy.


  1. Loving the PJ bottoms! I'm always on the lookout for yoga-style pyjama pants and these are just the ticket. Absolutely nothing to do with working from home, I'm sure!

  2. I have these PJs! They're my favourite - took them on hols to the US anand was incredibly comfy/cosy.

  3. So enamoured am I that I lost the ability to type. Sorry about that.


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