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Monday 18 October 2010

Cool Coats: Oasis Check Riding Coat

If there's one thing Oasis do very well, it's a well-cut bit of smarts. When I had a junior sales job serious City job, half of my wardrobe was from Oasis. I still really like their stuff, but there's not much call for me to buy it anymore when I tend to work from home or my local cafe.

But I'll always favour a smart coat. It's the one part of my wardrobe that I invest in more than any. Because you wear it constantly and even if you're wearing something awful underneath, no one in the supermarket will know. There's more than a splash of Anglomania about this riding coat, and I love the ruffled back too:

Oasis do what they do, and they do it well. Traditional, smart, and sophisticated. With a little bit of an office-friendly twist. It's not going to be ground-breakingly trendy (neither am I) but it's a great buy for £120.

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