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Friday 15 October 2010

Domestic Sluttery's Favourite Chocolate Treats

So, in case you haven't been paying attention to the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory's worth of delicious recipes we've treated you to this week in honour of National Chocolate Week, we thought Friday was the perfect time to dig through the Domestic Sluttery vaults for some chocolate classics, as well as divulge our own personal favourites.

From chocolate shoes and Curly-Wurly cake (above) to boozy hot chocolate and chocolate mousse, we've shared an assortment of delectable chocolate-based delicacies with you in the last eighteen months or so. But which ones have been tried and tested over and over again by the Domestic Sluts? And which other chocolatey concoctions come with the Domestic Sluttery stamp of approval?

Jane: Much as I enjoyed my recent personalised chocolate creations from Chocri, at heart I'm a simple lass with simple pleasures. So whenever I'm in a celebratory, downhearted or hormonal mood (there has to be some excuse, even if it's a tenuous one, or I'd be knocking up this teeth-rotting treat for every meal), my chocolate indulgence of choice is the lo-fi banana split. Slice a banana in half , dollop in a tablespoon or two of chocolate spread and microwave for just under a minute. It's gloriously easy melted chocolate heaven.

Siany: My favourite chocolate discovery is the hot chocolate from Chocolaterie Pierre in Tallinn. I have never ever had a hot chocolate that good, and despite my best efforts to recreate it, I don't think I ever will unless I go back. I'm also very impressed with the choccy that Hotel Chocolat deliver too. Chocolate with vodka centres works, who knew? But if we're talking everyday treats, Lindt is my favourite. There's nothing but sex and crack in their milk chocolate bars, I'm sure of it.

Michelle: I'm not entirely sure I should admit this, as it may result in my instant dismissal from Domestic Sluttery, but I'm not actually a massive chocolate fan. If you twisted my arm I would have to say that white chocolate is probably my favourite, although I regularly get told that it doesn't count! However, I would argue that if you have never tasted white hot chocolate then you have never lived (I developed a dangerous addiction to it last year). I am quite partial to truffles, as they are generally a perfect bite size amount, so I shall definitely treat myself to some very soon.

Sara: Much as I love fancy pretty chocolates like these from Hope & Greenwood, I always have a simple Terry's Chocolate Orange in my fridge. You steal the middle bit, you die.

Alex E: Like Michelle, I'm a white chocolate girl. Yes, I know, terribly unsophisticated, but I just can't get enough of that sickly sweet goodness and no amount of 70% single estateVenezualan Crillo is going to change my mind. I love Siany's White Chocolate & Apricot Cake, and not only for the extra chocolate allowance for mid-baking snacking.


  1. Alex, I'm so relieved to hear I am not the only one!!

  2. I just discovered some lovely truffles and ganache filled chocolates at Hotel Chocolat - they were like sex in my mouth!

  3. Ahhhhhh, B&M bargains. Many a culinary delight to be found there. And by culinary delights, I mean nearly-out-of-date stuff that still tastes pretty good.


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