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Wednesday 27 October 2010

Lend me your ears!

I don’t own ear muffs but I should. I say this every year, especially when I can’t find a warm hat to fit my big head, and I spend all winter convinced I have frostbite on my ears. THIS year, I tell myself, is the year I will get earmuffs. So I had a look around. Good heavens - who knew there were so many styles out there?

I couldn’t help but smile at these earmuffs with a faux-pearl headband from I’m not sure how comfortable they’d be, but they add a little class. In fact, at £10, they’re too sweet to pass up.

Initially, the concept of earmuffs with tassels sounds heinous (tassels! I know, right?) but I’m slowly being won over by this pair. These actually offer something more, they’re they’re a deliberate, conscious part of your outfit. They’re rather on the pricey side at £38 from Urban Outfitters, but even so, there’s something very sleigh-ride-through-Central-Park or ice-skating-in-Somerset-House about them.

My favourite, though, have to be the classic faux-fur style earmuffs, like these ones from Muji. I tried these on in the shop and they’re not only light and comfortable on the head, but they’re OH so soft! They come in three colours - grey, black or cream.

Now… to choose a colour…

This was a guest post by Claire Nelson.


  1. I've always thought fur earmuffs make you look like you have a couple of Tribbles stuck to your ears (most amusing Star Trek foe ever).

    I like knitted earmuffs though. Not convinced on the tassles yet, but they are growing on me.

  2. Bought the cream MUJI earmuffs today although I'm from a tropical country and not going anywhere cold... xDD


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