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Thursday 14 October 2010

Sexy Shower Curtains

I'm not a lounging in the bath kind of Domestic Slut. I'm more of a get ready in five minutes girl, which is great first thing in the morning, not so great for decorating my bathroom. It's probably the most neglected room of my house. But, a shower curtain is the easiest way to jazz it up, and I've got my eyes on these shower curtains from Urban Outfitters.

This one has 40 little pockets for you to put photos in. I suggest black and white photos of old movie stars. It's £25 movie stars not included.

Is there anything more romantic than this ruffle curtain? Nope. It's £60.

I love the pattern on this flower curtain. So dramatic. You'll change the feel of your bathroom entirely, and it's just £35.

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