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Monday 11 October 2010

A Gaggle of Measuring Cups

Flying geese and ducks have become something of a trend recently, haven't they? Whether they're flying across jumper dresses, or they're flying across the wall, this part of the popular bird motif is getting a retro twist. I can live with that, they're kinda cute.

Especially when they're in the form of a little gaggle of measuring cups. These aren't kinda cute, these are very very cute. I adore the kitchen stuff at Anthropologie, but these are definitely one of my favourite pieces.

They're also in the sale (presumably because now the geese are flying south for the winter) so they're only £11.95 instead of £24.


  1. I love these - a friend brought them back for me from the US a couple of years ago. I'm addicted the measuring cups - my absolute favourite are the flower heads from Anthro though - seriously pretty!

  2. We featured their Russian Doll cups a while back (LOVE) but couldn't really justify spending £30 on measuring cups that I'm sure I'd break!

  3. thanks for this - just bought some as a xmas present (ooh i'm feeling efficient this year!)

  4. Ooh I got these as a Christmas present last year. They make me so happy.


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