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Thursday 7 October 2010

Doodle Duvet

Last week, after a particularly long day, all I wanted to do was build a cushion fort and do some colouring in. I didn't, of course. No. I did laundry and watched Masterchef on the telly. Watching telly would have been heaps more fun in a cushion fort (most things are, I'm certain of it). Grown-up homes aren't always very fun.

But! If I buy this doodle duvet, then I'll be able to draw my way to sleep! I'll have excellent dreamy doodle fun! It's from Stitch Designworks and it's machine washable (handy that). It's £45 and you can also be extra fabric pens so you can have giant doodle parties in bed. Frankly there's nothing more I'd rather be doing right now.


  1. Just be careful how you sleep on it - you might wake up with a partial red heart emblazoned on your face.

  2. uhmm this looks like so much fun!! Great work!

  3. Super love this idea! Reminds me of the doona cover I tie-dyed as a ten year old & got in trouble when I realised it was an heirloom from my German god-mother. Oops!


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