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Friday 22 October 2010

Moody Blues: Harmonica Necklace from True Birds Jewellery

When Bob Dylan plays the harmonica, it sounds like heaven in a whisky bar. When I play it, it sounds like an inebriated tramp let loose on a street corner. But I just love the sound of it. It's the music of smoky blues clubs, busking artists, and folk legends like Dylan, and Neil Young. In fact, secretly I have always wished I was an old blues harmonica player from New Orleans. (Suffice to say, I am not).

One day I hope to master the instrument, but anyone who's heard me play will attest that I have years of practice ahead of me before I sound like a decent harmonicist. (Or at least just less tramp-like.)

So until that day comes I will proclaim my love of the blues by wearing this brilliant harmonica necklace from True Birds' vintage-inspired jewellery. The delicate silver chain is an excellent length, and comes complete with a tiny harmonica - which you can actually play! (Although one would be hard pressed to bust out some Heart of Gold on it. Especially if you're me).

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