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Friday 15 October 2010

Chambers & Beau ID Friendship Bracelets

We all know there’s something very special about a personalised gift - but it can be hard to find one which isn’t borderline tacky. So it’s wonderful to stumble upon something which is classy while still being the right amount of sentimental. The best example is the engraved ID friendship bracelets from Chambers & Beau. They’re effectively stylish friendship bracelets for grown-ups, but can mark any special relationship, moment, or occasion. (I bought one for my best friend who was moving to Australia.)

Chambers & Beau have a whole range of jewellery items - necklaces, charm-bracelets, cufflinks. But the friendship ID bracelets are my personal favourite. Simple & stylish, with a silver bar on a coloured piece of waxed string, which come in a variety of colours, each with their own special meaning.

The bracelets come with a spare string and instructions on how to re-thread it, doubling the life span of the bracelet. How thoughtful is that? Plus you can buy additional charms to put on it, if you want to personalise it further. These bracelets come in their own velvet pouch and box, and make such beautiful gifts.

The thing is, I really want one of these for myself - actually, I’d love to have several, as it would be too hard to choose just one, and they look fantastic worn together. Hint hint?

Available from for £45.00.

Post by Claire Nelson.

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