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Wednesday 27 October 2010

Shop in the spotlight: Anglo & Dutch

I heard about Anglo & Dutch over on Rockett St George's blog. Proving the point that people who stock good design know where the best designed stuff is. Anglo & Dutch is a unique vintage shop that stocks things you wouldn't expect. But things you really want. Like all of these old style pretties:

I've always wanted an abacus. I have no idea why. This on is German, and it's £20. Please buy it for me for my birthday next month.

Look! These apothecary bottles have a little poison bottle! How lovely. They're described on the website as 'very old'. I like that timeframe. They're £65 for the little set.

I'm a huge fan of globes, but now I've realised that I want one in French, for spinny inspiration. It's £37.

It's all fabulous. I'm going to spend a lot of money in this shop.

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  1. LOVE the apothecary bottles. I also enjoy the word apothecary.


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