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Thursday 21 October 2010

Guest Post: Poppy D's Dream Dress

The 'LBD' has always seemed to pass me by. I've never understood the allure, why would you want to wear a little black dress when you could wear an outrageous bright yellow one? I've owned a couple of black dresses in my time but I wouldn't say they fell under the LBD category, they were both over-the-knee numbers and although one was very booby, the other was a baggy woolen thing. Neither were 'little' and I suppose that's a must for an LBD, along with them being 'black' and 'dresses'. Obviously.

So I was surprised when I clocked this dress in Warehouse, I don't usually even see black when I'm shopping. I tend to make a direct beeline to the most garish colours on the rack. I suppose the shape appealed first, we're seeing quite a few of these pretty vintage shapes being revived thanks to Mad Men and the like. (Oh God, I mentioned Mad Men in a fashion post. I am officially a middle class newspaper. Kill me). Being rather top heavy initially made me fear these 'oh so now' high necklines, but having tried and tested a few dresses in this shape I actually find them really flattering. I like the way the waist nips in and then the skirt kicks out allowing you to hide your thighs and arse if that's a priority (this is big time priority for me) but at the same time if you're less curvy, the skirt adds a nice shapely element.

Personally I'd like to be wearing this dress in seduction mode with red lipstick, dangerously high stilettos and vintage sunglasses. I imagine sitting outside drinking espresso in it with a small yappy dog in tow. Then I remember it's mid October and that's not very feasible. Of course if you bought it you could look forward to doing that next Summer, but for now I'd be teaming it with faux fur, stockings and ever so fabulous sparkly earrings. It's smart enough to be your party dress of choice over the Christmas season and it's timeless enough to be a dress you'd wear year after year. Which is a good thing as at £65, you don't want to get just one wear out of it. Pick it up in store or order online from Warehouse here.

Want more of Poppy? Get in line. Or, hop over to her glorious fashion sites The Lust List, and What I Wore Today.

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  1. Oh my - that is Beautiful with a capital 'B'! Me wanty!


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