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Tuesday 12 October 2010

Sweet Treats: Madame Oiseau's Chocolate Boxes

I can't tell you what Madame Oiseau's chocolates taste like (isn't that a fabulous name?) but I do love her chocolate boxes. She's made them out of very pretty chocolate:

Once you've done with the treats in the box, you can eat the box! Yay! It's the best kind of recycling there is. The heart shape box is £27.

The hexagonal box is a little cheaper, with 350 grams of chocolate and it's just £20. Each box comes in white, milk or dark chocolate (and you might get different coloured flowers too).

They're pretty aren't they? I'd love to see more edible chocolate boxes around, it's like extra treats and egg shapes, without having to wait until Easter. Well done, Madame Oiseau.


  1. Its so good to see a local business on here! You should visit her shop in Canterbury,Kent, Its amazing :)

  2. This is a little gem of a chocolate shop well worth a visit! I particularly love the honey caramels and chocolate frogs!


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