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Wednesday 13 October 2010

Wallpaper Wednesday: Emma Molony

I've got a thing about fairy tales, and if you give me chance, I'll bore you with symbolism and motifs and all sorts of gubbins that most people don't care about (don't say I didn't warn you). So I love Emma Molony's short story wallpaper. I've never heard of the Edwardian writer Saki, but her wallpaper is inspired by his stories, and they sound really interesting.

From Martha feeding chickens in The Cobweb (the name of that story suggests something much more exicting than chickens) to the pigs and wolf chasing the horribly good little girl, I want to read these stories. And I love that they're depicted on wallpaper. They'd turn a dull ol' wall into something full of stories and inspiration, and I don't think you can ask for anything more from a wall covering.

The design comes in grey, yellow and silver and it's £65 per 10m roll. I'm off to read some Saki stories.


  1. This is fantastic!! I am a huge fan of Sake's short stories, they are so wickedly funny. I am definitely going to devote a wall in my house to this fab wallapaper.

    Classic Sake: "Madame was not best pleased at being contradicted on a professional matter, and when Madame lost her temper you usually found it afterwards in the bill.


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