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Monday 11 October 2010

The Debenham's iPhone app

"Look! There's a barcode scanner! What can I scan first?"

It's not often I'm faced with technology, clearly.

I was testing out the Debenham's iPhone application, and the barcode scanner is the most fun feature. Because scanning anything is fun and makes you feel slightly like a CIA agent on secret business. Or, if you're less of an idiot, it just comes in very handy if you're doing your Christmas shopping.

The Debenham's app is basically their website, on the iPhone. So much easier than trying to find something through a mobile browser. Its easy to use, it's swish and well designed. You can add things to wishlists, email items to friends and order through the app. I have visions of me accidentally buying shoes whilst I'm on the bus. And I heartily approve of anything that assists me with that.

The wishlists are the key part of the app for me. Make a present list (my birthday is coming up, take note people), send it to your friends, wait for presents!

If you can do this through the search function on the app, why do you need the barcode scanner? Well, this is handy for wedding lists. You get a barcode thing in most department stores when you're making a wedding list (I've been tempted to say I'm getting hitched just so I can play with them). And as discovered, if you scan something in and there's a matching item, even if it's not in the shop, you can order it. That's very handy and now I shall always have matching pants. They're also going to launch promotional codes that they'll put on adverts and in their shop windows so you can scan and get discounts and deals exclusive to app owners.

If you shop in Debenham's a lot, you'll really really like this. Even if you don't, it makes shopping easier. It'll save your ass at Christmas and well, playing with barcodes is all sorts of geeky fun. It's free and it launched today. Go download it.

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