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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Dream dress: vintage 50s star print dress

I demand a lot of a dress. I want to be able to wear it A LOT: to work, to the pub, out dancing. I like retro styling - the skirt, belt or the collar that hints at the romance of another era. And I want it to be unique, so I'm not sat next to someone else wearing it on a bus and, in fact, the person who is sat next to me on the bus is eyeing it up enviously
That's why, in my eyes, this vintage 50s star print dress from Nina and Lola truly achieves the title of dream dress. The fact it's vintage vastly reduces the likelihood of running into someone else in the same frock. There's some great details to lust over, like its perfectly demure collar.

I could wear it with a black cardigan and flats to the office, team it with a colourful cardie for the pub and take it out dancing to get the benefit of that full skirt. The pattern is really great too - pretty bright stars against black making it the ideal dress for a bonfire night party too.

Sized small (check out the website for exact measurements), it's got the bonus of being currently reduced in price from £110 down to £77.

So why, you might ask, am I telling you about it rather than smugly snapping it up for myself? Well, I'm currently haemorrhaging money on a flat move and having to operate on a severely slashed dress budget, and just can't bear the thought of this dress, and all of its possibilities, being passed by. Please buy it, I promise to give you envious looks if I'm lucky enough to next to you on the bus.

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