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Wednesday 6 October 2010

Love Miss Daisy loves Leopard Print

I don't know why I love this hat so much. I'm not even a very good hat person. I'm a hat stealer. If I'm tipsy and you're wearing a hat I might steal it (I'll ask first, of course). Then I'll prance about the place feeling very happy in the hat. But otherwise, I feel a bit of an idiot in them.

I don't care. I want this leopard print trilby (yes, more leopard print). It's faux fur for cryin' out loud! It's so damn extravagant, but that's why I love it. Unfortunately, it's vintage and at 57cm it's just a touch too small for me. Just as well, I'd probably only wear it once. If you think you'd wear it more often, you can buy it from Love Miss Daisy for £25.

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