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Wednesday 5 January 2011

Ace Accessories: Loulou Loves You

Any resolutions for 2011? Forget the boring more exercise/no more biting nails resolutions to beat yourself up about, in my mind, new year resolutions should be fun and exciting challenges: Dance more! Play more! Dress up more!

If your idea of a resolution vaguely corresponds vaguely with mine, take a look at the accessories from Loulou Loves You. These playful accessories are actually designed to accompany Loulou's very fancy pants lingerie collection but are the perfect for wearing when adventuring beyond the bedroom. They are such bows, flowers and feathers that dreams are made on.

Take for example the Lavinia feather headband pictured. Not a look for the fearless certainly but if you can rock this look, surely 2011 will be your oyster? The headband is made from feathers bound in 100% silk satin, with an antique chain to complete the look. For a feathery look that's perhaps easier to wear, take a look at the accompanying necklace. The headband is £45 and the necklace £55.

For the perfect way to add a touch of excitement to a plain dress or t-shirt, just add a Lola collar. These are also £45.

I love this Sif flower headband. It's pretty without being too wedding-y and a little reminder of the prettiness of spring to come. You could wear it on the top of your head, like the charming model has in this picture, or round the front of your head for a more 1920s look. And because they are hand-made, no two will be the same - how lovely. This headband would normally cost £33.

I say normally because, until 11 January, there's 25% off all orders from the site if you enter the code 'YES' at the checkout. Hurry, hurry and place your order! Believe me, the rest of your year will be all the more exciting for it.

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