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Tuesday 4 January 2011

Vintage Leather at Rose & Grey

Now I'm almost grown up (well I'm 28, that's the same thing isn't it?), I find myself keeping a watchful eye on pieces of very grown up furniture. The main piece grasping for my attention at the moment is this wonderful vintage leather chair from Rose & Grey. It's very grown up, isn't it? Sensible even. But oh my goodness it looks so squishy that you'd fall down the back of it never to be seen again. Which means truly excellent afternoon naps, perfect comfort and hours and hours of 'go away, I'm reading' enjoyment.

I want it. I absolutely desire this squishy throne of a chair. Now all I need is to be grown up enough to have a spare £895 in the bank. Expensive? Yes. But I bet I'm still curled up in this in 20 years time.


  1. Any idea on where I can get that pillow?

    1. That looks like Jan Constantine to me!


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