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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Bargain art: Clare Nicolson prints

In the two and a half years I've been writing for Domestic Sluttery I can't believe I haven't written about Clare Nicolson. She's one of my absolute favourite designers. Perhaps it was a case of wanting to keep all her prettiness to myself but, seeing as I'm in a generous mood, I urge you to check out her work: she makes gorgeous cushions and birdies, combining her own prints with vintage fabrics.

What prompted me to start with this sharing was the news that she's just released her first collection of prints. It's the same designs that she's used in her latest cushion range but printed onto thick matte paper. And the prices, whoa the prices. An A4 print costs only a tenner, while £15 will buy you an A3 sized print. The designs are printed digitally, rather than done by hand, but at those prices I think that's fair enough. There are eight different designs to pick from. Here are my favourites:

This is the Tilly print, a gorgeous retro-styled bunch of flowers.

This is the simple and sweet Sprig print, available in a number of different colour combinations. And is anyone else as envious of Clare's collection of vintage ceramics and floral arrangements as I am?

And here's the Daisy print (with the added bonus of a kitsch ceramic dog). Clare's designs are so quietly lovely, I really don't know which one I'd pick. At £10 each, I could afford to buy all of them.

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