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Tuesday 29 May 2012

Mrs Bloom's A-Z Animal Prints

One of the best things about small children is being able to read them all the awesome books that you had read to you when you were a small child. And with that goes teaching them the alphabet and how to read. Even if I didn't have children running around, I'd still want these A-Z animal prints by Mrs Bloom.

'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' is very popular in my house. I think this little tiger would be too. But then look at all the others!

This is A-F or Anteater to Fox. Who knew anteaters could be so cute? What about G-M or Giraffe to Monkey?

Even the jellyfish look adorable. I think my favourite there is the iguana though. And how about N-S and T-Z? They are all adorable. YAK!


Each A4 print is £16 and you can get personalised ones too if you're looking for a gift. I think my only problem would be deciding on just one.


  1. That's a book that should be popular in everyone's house.

  2. I love the hippo! And the newt. And the badger.

    Oh, I just saw the monkey!!

    This could be expensive...


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