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Thursday 10 May 2012

Eye-popping paisley

Paisley print. While I would live bedecked in stars, stripes, polka dots and tiny little elephants if I possibly could, paisley is the one of the few patterns that doesn't really do it for me, despite its centuries of popularity. Perhaps I associate it too closely with my bad mid-90s 'alternative' phase. Or perhaps it's because it brings to mind 'groovy' images of the 1960s, like this one by John French:

I'm trying to reassess. Paisley is currently enjoying a style resurgence thanks to fashion designers like J W Anderson and Jil Sander. And though my spending budget is probably more in the region of buying a copy of the image above from V&A Prints for £15, what makes the look so fresh on the catwalk - and a thousand times more appealing to my eyes - is the bright colours, clean backgrounds as well as a few unexpected quirks to the prints. As ever, the high street have taken this cue and run with it: there are paisley prints popping up all over the place.

First up Oasis and this dress for £65. They've definitely added eye-popping colour to the pattern, and I like the way the pattern has been used for detailing only - those side panels look extra flattering. It's not a dress you'd blend into the background in ... UNLESS ...

... you happened to be standing in front of this Paisley crescent. It's one of the latest designs from the excellent Mini Moderns and is part of their Buddha of Suburbia range. This is paisley used at its quirkiest: zoom in on the design and you'll see part of it is made up of little rows of houses. Very cool indeed. It's £45 a roll.

For a less full-on use of paisley, I like the way it's been used as the lining in this Nike top for Liberty. The paisley prettiness and the no-messing of the top balance each other out very well. Alas, as usual with Liberty collaborations, it's rather expensive at £85. Take a peek inside the beautiful range of NW3 bags for more paisley lining goodness.

Ah, Zara - I love how it just goes for it with colour. They're inviting you to have a paisley picnic with their opulent tableware set. I love it even more for being oh-so-humble melamine. Prices start at £4.99 for a plate.

And to prove you can wear vintage paisley without looking like you've got lost on your way to Haight-Ashbury, take a look at this very pretty sundress from Love Miss Daisy has this very pretty sundress or the one pictured above from Devoted2Vintage. It dates from the 1950s but its bright pattern on a crisp white background would surely bring its wearer 2012 fashion approval. It's yours for £68.99. That is unless I buy it first - this is probably the dress to change my personal anti-paisley prejudice.

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  1. Oooh, I like almost all of the paisley things. The shape of that Oasis dress is lovely.


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