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Thursday 31 May 2012

The boy and his poison: Bartenders Choice

Imagine having me in your pocket. Not literally of course, I'd be pretty cumbersome to drag around and I'd ruin the line of your trousers, but thanks to my recent discovery of Bartender's Choice it's now possible to have god-like booze knowledge at a swipe and tap of your iPhone.  

It's the brain child of Sam Ross (the bartender behind New York's swanky speakeasy Milk and Honey) and rather than setting out to be an encyclopaedic catalogue of everything he has instead set out to make a genuinely well crafted and useful tool for would-be home bartenders. The recipes are all hand selected and span the classics as well as the menu of his bar, and then there's the best bit, they're all sorted into meaningful categories like 'alcohol', 'sensation' and 'style'. Pick what you or your friends fancy and at the shake of your iPhone a clutch of drinks to die for appear in front of your eyes.

There's also a nifty hidden page on glassware, ice, syrups and spices, a handful of how-to guides and even a glossary. So for £1.99 you can wave goodbye to being stuck for drinks ideas, your career as a nocturnal party bartender awaits.

You can find out more about it at the app store.

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