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Wednesday 23 May 2012

Luscious lingerie: Simone Perele

The problem with sexy lingerie is that it's not exactly practical. Finding something that you'll feel fabulous in all day isn't easy. Simone Perele bridges the gap between sexy and practical. That pink set is totally yummy.

I am a sucker for bright colours and a boy short. Love them both. Actually, most of my knicker drawer is little shorts. There's nothing that buggers your day up more than leaving the house and realising ten minutes into your journey that your thong is going to give you gyp.

Simone Perele lingerie has such a huge range of sizes and styles in each collection so you'll find half cups in smaller sizes (up to an E) and fuller cups in the same style (up to a G, with wide back measurements). There are lots of mix and match options for each range in the collection, and different colours as well.

The Simone Pirele website is decked out like a gorgeous French apartment. Ooh la la, zut alors etc. It's  cute, if a tad fiddly to navigate. Bras sit around the £50 mark from Figleaves. Not the cheapest lingerie ever, but at least you'll be able to wear it for more than a couple of hours.


  1. Good bras are the best. Maybe it's time to treat yourself to another one, Melanie!

  2. This bra gives excellent support and lift. I wear a 32DD and often have trouble finding bras that provide lift in a small band size. After nursing 2 children, my breasts began to sag and I considered a breast lift. The wonderbra provides just the lift and support I need at an affordable price!


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