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Friday 18 May 2012

Weekly Wine: Sales in the Spotlight

I don't know about you, but I fully intend to stock up for summer whether it ever gets warm or not. And I want to do it in style, i.e finding my favourite wines at a sneaky bargain of a price so I can sip ever so smugly from now until September.

So, what's the dealio (yeah, that is the last time I'll ever use the word dealio) with this year's best wine deals? Well, what with this being the summer of EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS A CELEBRATION (hello Jubilee, Olympics, and something or other about the football) there's a lot of them about.

Being a ridiculous lush, I have used my heightened senses to sniff out the best special offers when it comes to your summer wine selection.

The Wine Society - Great Savings for Summer offer

What I love about the Society is their close relationships with the growers they stock. This means that they can easily negotiate discounts on properly brilliant wines, which they then pass on to the members, rather than just finding the stuff that fell down the back of the warehouse and is starting to look a bit iffy and using a 'sale' to get rid of it, like certain other sellers.

You do have to be a member to order (it's £40 for a lifetime membership in the oldest wine company going, and you also get £10 to spend with your first order) but that should pay for itself with their summer savings.

You just buy any two cases from within the offer, and you'll save between £6 and a whopping £48 per dozen. Delivery is free.

My eye is on the refreshingly fruity Concha Y Toro Sauvignon Blanc for £77 down from £90 - that's less than £6.50 a bottle for an absolute benchmark in Sauvignon Blanc.

The reds have even better deals - my favourite is the Aussie-based Skuttlebutt Shiraz-Cabernet that is £89 down from £119 - that's £30 off for a vibrant red from one of the best regions in the country.

Laithwaites - Cleanskin wines

'Cleanskin' is Laithwaites little hidden gem: minimal labelling makes for cheaper costs, and their Australian Buyer has found a couple of beauties for ridiculous discounts. The rich, ripe Cleanskin Barossa Shiraz is my best bet - Barossa is a beautiful region for this grape, and it's £47.94 for six bottles - that's only £7.99 each and saves you thirty quid.

On a separate note, their bin-ends are also pretty spesh at the moment: the Flagstone Dragon Tree is a red blend from South Africa and is award-winning for a reason. It's full-on flavour makes it a perfect barbecue red, and it too is £47.94 for six, which is a £24 saving.

Majestic - Jubilee wine sale

Majestic are currently all over the discount thing. If you're looking to stock up on sparkly stuff, their Prosecco Corte Alta is £6.66 (down from £9.99) until May 28th - fresh and delicate, this is perfect for light summer sipping and little impromptu parties.

They also sent me a bottle of their new Monte Vallon Chardonnay by the esteemed Alain Grignon. He set out to make a Burgundian white in the South of France without the price tag, and I reckon he's succeeded. It's soft, round and buttery, but only £6.99 if you buy two (£7.99 normally). This is a generous wine and not to be missed if you like a proper bargain. Try it with a creamy chicken dish or fish pie.

Will you be stocking up for summer? Tell us your craftiest wine deals in the comments, or on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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