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Tuesday 22 May 2012

Wrap London Lace Skirt

I hadn't heard of Wrap London until a little catalogue fell out of a magazine I was reading (yes, I do read the stuff that come with my magazines).

Wrap London are a little bit like a sunny Boden. I've never quite got Boden. It looks like it's for people who have beach houses and don't spill. Wrap London have a similar thing going on, but there was enough pretty stuff in the catalogue for me to flick right through to the end.

This embroidered skirt was hiding right at the back. I can't say that the price thrills me - it's an eye-popping £99 - but everything else about it makes me happy. It goes up to a size 22, which is excellent. The combination of the lightweight perfect-for-beach-strolling cotton, the beyond gorgeous crochet insert and the general easy sexiness are making me dream of holidays. I tend to look like a sweaty mess on the beach, this lady looks like she meets handsome surfers in Summer Bay.

Even with the handsome surfer factor, it's still out of my price range. I'm keeping a very close eye on their 40% off section.

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