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Thursday 17 May 2012

Brassed Off

This brass collar is absolutely the sexiest thing the V&A have ever stocked in their shop. I've had a hankering for a fancy collar since Sara wrote about them a while back. This is a collar/necklace/sexy thing combo that has me drooling on my keyboard a little bit.

It's almost too sexy to wear places, isn't it? A smart collar is perfect for the office, but this isn't the kind of jewellery that you can wear to an important business meeting. It's an inappropriate smart thing and that's what makes it sexy.

I am worried about the price, though. Not because I don't want a fabulous piece of bling for £20, I'm just really worried that it might be the kind of metal that tarnishes. I don't want a green neck! I'm not The Hulk!

I'm just going to have to buy it and find out, aren't I? Fabulous.


  1. I looked at this earlier - it's lush! It's brass and pointy - its gonna tarnish and be spikey. This little lovely from the V and A looks less inclined to impale...

  2. Wow love this!!
    Seen a few nice collars around but not one like this..

  3. We basically want ALL the collars, don't we?

  4. I've got it! Bought it a year ago - it hasn't tarnished badly and I didn't go green. You just have to be careful people don't cuddle you too enthusiastically when wearing it or you get point marks on your d├ęcolletage. TTFN.


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