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Monday 21 May 2012

Best Brooches

I have a bit of penchant for big, quirky and sometimes gaudy jewellery. In my opinion, the bigger the better. I am rarely without a very large cocktail ring on my finger or a silly necklace around my neck. Therefore, it would follow that I would like a brooch with a little personality. These are my current favourite brooches.We have the quirky, the pretty, the cool and the cute.

At first glance I thought this was a penguin. But then my eyes corrected themselves (must really book an eye test) to see this adorable blackbird brooch. I think he would look amazing perched on my stripy blazer. And for £12 with free shipping from Hannah Zakari I might very well be tempted.

For a spot of glamour I love this vintage-inspired peony pearl brooch for £6 from Accessorize. I would wear it on a casually draped shawl as I sip cocktails on a tropical beach veranda (that is on my list of holiday fantasies).

A sweet collaboration between Bonbi Forest and Custom Made! these ethically made brooches use reclaimed denim and environmentally friendly water-based inks. These handmade brooches cost £6 from Bonbi Forest.

I want this brooch simply because Polar Bear's are rad. Also, the illustration by Elizabeth Pawle is pretty sweet too.  It costs £9.42 just for this handmade brooch.

Now, does anyone else read brooches with an 'oo'? It's such a silly word. Say it too many times and it becomes freaky.

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