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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Everybody Say Aarrghhhh!

I adore theme parks and this wonderful necklace from the ever clever Tatty Devine is like the ultimate rollercoaster-riding accessory. For the last couple of years, I've had a birthday outing to a theme park. This year, for my 30th, it's the big one - Alton Towers - and I can't wait. (I'm a southerner, never been).

Next month I'm going to Thorpe Park for a friend's birthday outing. At £45 to you, this might just be round her neck on the day - although I'd probably have to get her to tuck it in before we go on Saw or it might end up giving her a black eye.


  1. I bloody love Alton Towers!!! A summer is not complete without a trip there.

    Plus this necklace could be worn for all sorts of situations. Bad day? Arrrrrggghhh!

    1. Absolutely! They suggest it's piratey on the website, but I would pedantically say that would be spelled "Aaarrrrr!"

  2. I don't think of rollercoaster screams when I see this - I have pirate voices in my head.


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