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Thursday 31 May 2012

Everything Stops for Tea: Michelle Mason cake stand

It's all new home chats with the Domestic Sluts at the moment. Elizabeth is just settling into her new place, Sian is moving at the weekend and I'm looking forward to getting a place of my own next week. As ever, my priorities are slightly skewed: rather than doing things like, er, budgeting, I'm spending my time looking at gorgeous wallpaper, searching for ridiculous eBay kitsch and I'm planning exactly how to celebrate my housewarming.

The starting point for any celebratory plans is definitely this cake stand from Michelle Mason.  Well, I'm a Domestic Slut so it's a no-brainer that cake will be involved. I also entirely agree with the title of the single illustrated on the bottom plate of the stand which is that Everything Stops for Tea. I'm a fan of that music link too, as I definitely don't consider any home fully warmed until there's been some dad-like dance moves pulled in the front room. And finally, I love its retro cool: it definitely offers some design inspiration for the rest of the decor.

The stand will cost me £45 of my new home budget and is just one of a number of designs Michelle has made based around the classic record label Decca. That means there's plenty more things that might be a suitable gift for a well-loved friend's housewarming. Just in case you're looking.

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