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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Bunting gone Bad

Cunting: Incredibly rude bunting.

This is the kind of twee that will get my attention in the run up to the Jubilee. It's British! It's patriotic! I'm getting involved! It's sweary and it's brilliant.

Fucksticks. One of the very best swear words. It's used a lot when I spill tea all over my desk.

Tits are pretty brilliant. Tits bunting is even better.

Oh, fuck.

Cunting bunting isn't cheap - prices start at £25. But it's all handmade and as the 'fuck, this is pricey' page states, 'basically, it's a shitload of work'. Too right. I think I like my Jubilee party celebrations with extra tits and fucksticks.

Thanks to Dave Haste for the tip. He wrote a whole chunk of Londonist's ebook of pub crawls. That would be a fine activity for the long weekend.


  1. I love this so much ... how rude! - really made me smile xx

  2. Hilarious! This is the kind of bunting my other half would properly love! I might have to keep it away from him though... otherwise it might make an appearance at our wedding, and I'm not sure if some of my relatives would survive the shock!!!

  3. Boring. So over naughty bunting. Twisted Twee have been doing it for years.

    1. Love Twisted Twee, especially their royal pants, we wrote about them here:

  4. I'm planning to make something similar for my Big Birthday Party - it's the weekend after the Jubilee, so I feel as if it has to be done!

    Sadly I can't afford this gorgeous rudeness, so am planning to make my own out of celebrity magazines over the long weekend. Will let you know how it goes.

  5. this is great. and what i like best about it is how it sticks two fingers up at the 'vintage this, cupcakes that' brigade.

  6. This has made me day, thank you!

  7. "basically, it's a shitload of work"
    er... sewing a couple of triangles, sewing on a tape, screenprinting the letters...
    We have obviously quite a different definition of "a shitload of work", then.
    On the other hand, these could have been done with less work too.

    1. Let's assume (after the idea and design process), that each piece takes an hour to make (even though it's just 'sewing a couple of triangles'). After cost of materials, and factoring in time to create, how much would you say that was an hour? £10-15? That's not a lot over a day, really is it? Especially not for an original piece of craft.


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