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Thursday 10 May 2012

Etsy Pick: Love for the Lighthouse

What's not to love about lighthouses? I mean, aside from the annoyingly bland band named after them. They remind me of all my seaside trips as a child, and they also symbolise the comforting idea of someone looking out for you. Plus, they're stripey. Stripey things are cool.

A recent visit to a friend of mine revealed her slight obsession with lighthouses. They're all over the house, in artwork, little ornaments on shelves, and even embroidered into the cushions. I thought I'd get me some of that action, and the lovely UK sellers on Etsy seem eager to oblige.

This lighthouse cushion from Jo Fulham Textiles is so darn adorable. The spotty one is my favourite. I want it on my bed. It's £31.82 with an extra four quid for shipping.

I will want to wear this lighthouse and seagull necklace on every sunny day there is. It's £14.95 with £1.50 from Jodie Anna. You can also get these dainty lighthouse earrings from Silk Purse Sows Ear for just £6 (£2 shipping).

This lighthouse print would go on my kitchen wall, so that every time I'm sat at the table munching my cheerios wondering what on earth to do with my day, I'll have a pretty good idea. It's £20 (£1.50 shipping) from Designed by Wink.

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