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Thursday 17 May 2012

Worth the Price Tag? Retro TV Memo Board from Rose & Grey

I love me some kooky homewares, especially since I've just moved so I'm in full-on Doris Day mode, adding a woman's touch all over the place.

With that in mind, this retro TV memo board is right up my alley. It'd make me giggle even before I've started to chalk silly messages all over it (because we never use them sensibly, right?) and it actually looks pretty awesome.

But Rose and Grey, stupendous though they are, have made me think twice. Why? Because it's £40. I know that's not exactly ALL OF THE MONEYS but it's still a bit steep for a girl on a budget when I have more pressing things to be spending my precious pennies on.

Am I just being really miserly/skint? Or does anyone else agree that maybe it's probably not worth quite that much?

On a brighter note, Rose and Grey do have some super value-for-money items that have totally tempted me.

These Pure Waters glasses will make my kitchen look all sexy. They're £12 for three, so even a clumsy oaf like me can use them pretty much worry-free.

The Aurore diary is all kinds of magic. I will put happy scribbles in it while I drink my coffee, and stare at the dreamy cover in idle moments. It's £18.

I know the robot thing has been done to death, but these robot cushions can still cut it, right? They just look so charming. I'm going to put them on my sofa and talk to them and name them and everything. The smaller one is £22 and the big fella is £29.

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  1. Agree! You can buy a whole working television for that price. Get yourself a bit of MDF cut to the shape you want (retro tv shaped most probably), tin of blackboard paint and whatever other colour you fancy, a couple of knobs from a hardware shop, bit of glue and there you go. Probably under £20. Gotta watch those pennies so you can spend them on really important things, like shoes!


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