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Thursday 17 May 2012

Totally Wearable Bodycon Dresses

No! Don't go away just yet, I thought exactly the same as you! Unwearable, yes? Oh my. If you'd told me  that I'd be happily prancing around in bodycon I would have laughed you out of the country. A few years ago when the whole trend took off, thanks predominantly to Christopher Kane and Preen, I admired it, and then retreated to a very safe distance. For one, why were all the dresses so bloody short? As a very definite pear shape, who tends to resemble a football in a sock whenever I wear a wetsuit, I was rather worried that the same thing would happen in a bodycon frock.

Except for last night, when I pranced around Soho in this absolutely brilliant black midi dress from ASOS.

Hello there, sexpot
I bought it in January along with the amazing A-Wear owl print dress, wore it once and then forgot about it. But wow. The jersey (I adore and worship jersey in a dress) makes it clingy without being tight, the scoops in the neck and back are sexy without being massively over the top, and the sleeves and length (it comes below the knee even on 6'1 me) make it as demure as a body con dress is ever likely to be.  I felt proud of my shape, and it prompted me to hold myself better - tits out, tummy in etc. Ironically, I even walked taller.

Anyhoo, despite me buying this back in January, it's still available to buy in sizes 6-10 for £21, down from £30. So that's good news for Sluttery readers at the smaller end of the size scale, but for a dress that's available in 6-18, I'd recommend this glittery bit of marvellousness.

This glittery bodycon midi dress is £45 and I think it's brilliant. That pattern! Ah! I'm a sucker for deep-backed dresses and tops; just pop on a multi-way bra so your boobs don't fall down around your tummy and job's a good 'un.

I was going to stop there, but ASOS has got some *brilliant* midi dresses in its ranges and it seemed a shame not to perve over them too. Moving away from sleeves, this Aztec print dress from the Curve collection would be brilliant for spring and summer (when-slash-if they ever bother to show up. It's £25 and available in sizes 20-26.

And this! Oh God but I've got a soft spot for yellow. Not that you'll see me in this gorgeous squiggle print midi, sadly, because it's from the Petite collection. It's available in sizes 4 to 16 (14 has sold out) and costs £28.
Happy bodycon, all!


  1. WOW. They're all gorgeous. Love the blue geometric one.

  2. That top model - I would buy pretty much anything she wears. In my head, I look a bit like her (I don't). I'm still a bit scared of bodycon but you make a compelling case...

  3. Lovely... but I'm still not sure I have the figure for these any more...
    I used to have a beautiful grey jersey dress - way back, when they were previously in fashion and not called "bodycon"! It looked great and I felt fab when I wore it. Sadly, the dress wore out... and I never found another like it. Nowadays, I daren't even try!

    So glad you've found a style that suits you though. That black dress at the top is very wonderful. Not surprised it makes you feel a million dollars!


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