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Friday 25 May 2012

Sluttishly Savoury: Chicken Chicharon (Fried spiced chicken skins)

This recipe will probably gross some of you out. It'll probably give the rest of you a heart attack. It's the result of a little Google game I play sometimes. I search for things that I would really, really like to exist  (in this case chicken skin crisps) and sometimes I win and they do!

Chicken Chicharon is a well known street food in the Philippines. The Spanish have a version with pork - that's chicharron with two r's - and both are very popular. Sometimes it's made with sweetbreads (not in my house it's not) but more commonly it's made with fried chicken skins. It's worryingly easy to make, it's crunchy and crispy and salty and for the five minutes that it lasts, there's probably nothing better on earth.

Chicken Chicharon (makes enough for a small heart attack, or serves two)

You'll need:
  • The skin from eight chicken thighs (I'm making a stew with the thighs later tonight)
  • 2tbsp white wine vinegar
  • 1stp salt (I used my fancy salt with spices all mixed in - throw in a couple of pinches of whatever herbs and spices you fancy)
Make it!
  1. Chop the pieces of chicken skin to little pieces - an inch square or so works fine
  2. Add to a pan with the salt, herbs and white wine vinegar
  3. Pour water into the pan until it just covers the skins, bring to a rapid boil until the liquid has evaporated and the skins have released their oil
  4. Fry on a medium heat while stirring until the skins are all crispy
  5. Drain on kitchen towel and then sprinkle a little more salt over the top (yes, I am actually trying to kill you)
  6. Serve with cold beer. It's the only way.


  1. OMG that looks delicious , I should imagine a million calories and artery clogging but absolutely delicious ....
    I'm now drooling at the thought of this and can almost imagine the taste

    1. A least seven million, I think. I'm going to make a very, very healthy salad with the rest of the chicken. Honest.

  2. omg, they're like the poultry equivalent of pork scratchings! I must never make these. It would be the end of me. Goodbye, all my clothes, I enjoyed it when you fit.

  3. Oh my, this looks amazing. I want to be sat outside, beer in hand, eating these NOW.

  4. Sold! I'm off to buy chicken thighs now.


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