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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Sluttishly Savoury: Colourful Coleslaw

Raw veg is super healthy but let's face it, it can be a bit boring and who wants to eat boring food? I make quite a bit of coleslaw as it's a great way to use up that lonely looking half a cabbage and carrot that are left in the fridge. It's brilliant stuffed into a toasted pitta bread with a bit of chicken or cheese or as a topping for homemade burgers for a bit of a health boost (that obviously counterbalances all the burgers and chips you eat, right?)

I usually start with a base of cabbage, onion and carrot then add whatever I happen to have going spare in the fridge or veg patch. Celeriac, beetroot, kohl rabi, spring onions, apples, they all get thrown in there along with fresh herbs such as parsley, chives and mint. To be honest I think what I like best about it is the fact I get to use my trusty V-Slicer mandolin. I picked it up from a car boot sale years ago for £1, its bright orange and is by far my favourite bit of kitchen kit ever. If you don't have a mandolin just slice everything finely and use a regular grater.

You will need:
  • half a red cabbage finely shredded
  • 3 carrots grated
  • 1 large red or white onion finely chopped or grated
  • squeeze of lemon
  • mayonnaise (I use the extra light ones as it lets the flavours shine through better)
  • salt and pepper
  • Seeds - I use poppy, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, linseed
  • handful of chopped fresh herbs such as parsley, coriander, mint, chives
Make it!

Just put all your chopped/grated veg in a bowl, add enough mayo to coat everything lightly then add your seasoning, lemon, herbs and mix. I often also add a tablespoon of spice mix like Gourmet Spice's Fire Pit blend or some of my homemade dukkah for a bit of a warm kick too.


  1. I knew I had seen this somewhere!

    Tonight's dinner is accompanied by my own variation on this recipe, it's such a handy base!

  2. Yes you can add pretty much anything! Celeriac and fennel are really good additions too :)


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