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Wednesday 16 May 2012

Rawwwww! Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

You have to love Pinterest (are you following us?) The internet is full of foodie wonders and Pinterest arranges them all neatly for you. It then leads you to explore what strange and exciting things might be out there (it also gives me something to do in my lunch break).

I've been exploring cookie cutters and what shapes could you cut your favourite biscuits into. T-Rex cookies would be the very tastiest cookies, especially with green and red icing. And stegosaurus biscuits would be very cute. Rawwwwww!

These dinosaur cookie cutters come in a set of five so you can mix and match your biscuits and have little dinosaur fights while you eat them (just me, then?) 

I imagine the kiddies (actually kiddies and grown up kiddies) will love these. They're just £6.17 from Amazon.


  1. Dino cookies sound good to me! We have this at home too (we're not 7, honestly).

    1. We wrote about them too!

      Things are better dinosaur shaped.

    2. Heh, the comment formatting makes me look like I'm talking like a robot. Awesome.


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