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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Keeping it Cool: Hot Squash Maxi Dress

I spent most of the winter wearing my Hot Squash thermal top and it totally did the trick at keeping me snug and warm. So I was more than a little surprised to find out the very same Hot Squash did a Spring/Summer range of clothes with cooling thermal technology. The idea is that the fabric draws the heat away from your body and keeps you feeling fresh and cool in the summer heat which, quite frankly, is pretty handy right now.

I road-tested The Maxi Dress this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised. The fabric does indeed keep you cool. The fabric is very light anyway and the cut is a loose Grecian-style which bodes well for the present heatwave we are experiencing. I found the neckline a bit too plunging for my liking so I did end up wearing a little vest top underneath it to preserve some of my modesty. Also I am 5ft 4in and the dress stops about 2 inches from my ankle so this dress would be ideal for the shorter ladies (for the taller girls check out these non-awful Maxi's).

The dress has super-cute ruched detail on the shoulder and the waist is elactiscated which is one of my favourites. It is also available in Dove Grey as well as Inky Blue. It costs a bit of a pricey £95. But for slightly cheaper cooling clothes there are some rather cute tops for around £50 -£60. They might be a worthy investment, particularly if you are planning on heading to the tropics this year - it gets very sweaty over there.


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