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Friday 25 May 2012

Tracklements' Right Royal Pickle

I've been avoiding the Jubilee as much as possible. Putting crowns an flags on everything does not a new design make (seriously, stop that) and while I should be getting excited about a four day weekend, that's my moving weekend and it's hard to be excited about boxes and bubble wrap when the sun's out.

Then Tracklements offered to send me some of their Right Royal pickle and suddenly I really fancied a ham and cheese sandwich. The thing I didn't tell them before they sent it? I don't usually like pickle. Well more specifically, I don't like Branston's. It's basically cheap veg and brown sauce, isn't it?

This deep red pickle is actually somewhere between a chutney and a pickle. It's packed with chunky veg (parsnip, carrot, courgette, turnip and onion, the label tells me) and it's got more than a bit of a spicy tomato kick to it. It still has some tamarind spice but it's juicer and much more interesting than Branston's.

In short, I really blimmin' like it. It's gone back in the fridge until the weekend - it deserves a really decent cheddar to go alongside it. Maybe a thick slice of ham. Perhaps some fancy bread. I had better buy another jar.

Tracklements Right Royal Pickle is £5.15 and comes in a limited edition Kilner jar. I'd probably justify the cost by not sharing it.

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