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Monday 28 May 2012

Etsy Pick: Altered Eras

I ummed and erred over which pieces from Altered Era's Etsy shop I should show you. Their literary lovelies? Steampunk pendants? Gothic jewellery? Or maybe their Doctor Who inspired trinkets?

Then I realised when you find an Etsy shop this awesome, there's no need to choose. Let's have a look at it all.

These Wuthering Heights earrings feature text from the novel (from a damaged copy of the book so don't panic, bibliophiles). The text will vary but always has Heathcliff on one earring and Cathy on the other.

Prefer a bookish necklace? You can wear Heathcliff around your neck, along with a skeleton key and heart-shaped locket. (Not that I really approve of mooning over a bitter and angry man who, incidentally, treated Isabella VERY BADLY).

I love this vintage bee locket. It's a bit Alex Monroe, only not a millionty pounds.

Show your love for your favourite London street with one of these acrylic pendants.

I love a big chunky pendant worn with a simple dress or top. This ornate oval bronze pendant is a little bit steampunk, a little bit Doctor Who, letting you add a little touch of geekery to your outfit.

If you live in London, pop into Things British in Kingly Court off Carnaby Street to coo over Altered Eras' jewellery, otherwise pick your favourites online.


  1. Oh, how I love these! That last pendant is so not what I'd normally choose but now I want to wear it so I feel like a spooky mysterious character on Doctor Who who gives freaky prophecies about the stars going out. Oh yes.

  2. Thanks for the feature & so glad you like my things :)

    1. You're welcome - spotted your stuff in Things British and decided to check out your Etsy shop. I'm glad I did!

  3. Lovely selections from Paula's shop. I'm not surprised you ummed and erred as there are so many gorgeous things to choose from

  4. Didn't realise I would be one to swoon over jewellery!....but I am! Awesome wares at Paulas shop....


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