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Friday 11 May 2012

Graham & Green Retro Telephone

Does anyone actually use landlines anymore? I have one in Sluttery HQ, but I don't know the number. When was the last time someone gave you their home phone number? Do you remember when you'd get calls from your best friend and you'd sit at the bottom of the stairs all evening chatting about nothing at all? I miss that.

Now I'm moving house, I want to set up a little more of a home office. Currently my home office is me sat on my bed, a cup of tea balanced on my book shelf and Big Bang Theory on the TV. I want a desk and workspace that inspires me to work, rather than inspiring me to nap and watch cartoons. That's where this retro phone comes into play. The colours are gorgeous together. The dial looks like the rotating dials of the 70s, but actually it's touch dial.

It's £49.95 from Graham & Green and under the gin and the copies of Living Etc, it'll probably be the most professional thing on my desk.

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