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Wednesday 9 May 2012

Yay or Nay: Animal Cushions

Who knew you could have such a crisis over cushions. Take cushions with animals on. I wouldn't normally look at them but then I saw this little fella with his ridiculous mantel (that's the science word for awesome monkey hair).

He looks noble and fabulous. I wish my hair had that kind of volume. He looks like he needs a name. I shall call him Maximillian.

Regardez. Maximillian has a friend. Let's call him Francois. They're taking photos of each other, little hipsters that they are.

Maximillian has other friends too - playing harpsichords, attacking hot air balloons, that kind of thing. You should head over to Natural History (our lovely sponsors!) and take a look. They're £70 each but by golly do I want them.

Much more affordable and still a bit Victoriana is this cushion by Evans Lichfield. May I present to you Commodore Thierry Poncelet? (Update: Lovely LazyJane has pointed out that Thierry Poncelet is the artist behind this creation. Let's call him Commodore Frederick Dibbington-Smyth instead!)

He is a debonair chap, isn't he? He's also only £18.91 from Amazon

But what if you want your dressed up animals a touch more modern? Specifically dogs dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld? Yeah. This is a thing. A thing that I want and never knew until I saw this cushion by Takkoda.

It is silly and ridiculous and fabulous. It's £40 which just puts it in the realms of affordability. Takkoda has got various animals pretending to be all sorts of famous people. It's how they try to take over until they realise they don't have opposable thumbs.

So yay or nay to animal cushions? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Oh, Thierry is so dashing! He's my favourite.

  2. Yay to animal cushions (I have at least one so I have to say that!) ;) And loving the names Maximillian and Francois too!

  3. Thierry Poncelet is the artist. I love his pictures


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